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with your phone,
right from your table!

Come in, choose a table, sit, and order!

A QR code is located at your table with our most updated menu with detailed descriptions. Use your own phone camera to scan QR code to Order & Pay right from your table.

There's no need to wait in line to order, or wait for a server. You can sit right down, order, and your food & drinks will come straight to you.

Start a tab, and order more as your please. You can even start a group order with your party and pay separate tabs with our ordering app.

Please remember to close your tab.

Unclosed tabs will be subject to a 15% gratuity charge.

Why we chose
this method

TOAST Order & Pay

The COVID19 pandemic has truly changed everything about everyone's lives--including how we need to run our business. Everyone is experiencing staff shortage, and we have noticed major delays in dine-in services. It is important to us that our customers are able to dine with us with the utmost convenience. We have spent a lot of time updating our online menu with detailed descriptions and photos to enhance your dining experience. No need to wait around for busy servers who may not even notice you are waiting. This Order & Pay system has immensely helped us serve you, our loyal customers, with much more ease and speed and we highly encourage you to utilize the system for fasting dining experience.


Welcome to the future of dining in! Thank you, technology~!!

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